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Company Overview

Your support is the greatest motivation for us to move forward and you must see our efforts

The Establishment of the Company and its Professional Fields
Hua-Sing Tech was founded in 2006. At the initial stage, it mainly focused on the development of OEM hardware and analog MCU, as well as the design of product project. At the end of 2007, it set up the software development department - Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), which is consisted of the transportation, information and communication professionals with over 6-year working experience. Based on professional transportation application, this team combines with the technologies of Geographic Information System (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS), Zigbee and mobile communication system (GPRS/3G/Wimax…), to develop system for demands of various transportation industries, so as to improve operation flow, lower operation cost and improve operation performance.
The Features of the Hardware of OEM

Provide all-in-one service from product development and mass production.
From circuit design, firmware program, software program to PCB layout, sample making, mass production, QC, maintenance, it provides various service based on the demands of the customers.

Features and Objectives of the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

The company takes ITS technology R&D as the core, with enterprise customers as the target market. Besides the large governmental projects, it also undertakes the outsourcing development of other IT companies. As a R&D company, it wins the good appraisal from the customers through professional and proficient technical service.

Hua-Sing Tech, based on the technology of GPRS fleet dispatching management Know-how and GIS application management system, has achieved the following:

- In 2007, Since the development and maintenance of the Friendly Fleet, it has maintained several GPRS dispatching taxi fleets (e.g. Taipei Star Fleet , Zhiying Fleet and Yufa Fleet).
- In the 2008, it cooperated with Trade-Van and Industrial Technology Research Institute to develop M-Taiwan Wimax Plan: promoting real-time image tracking system for broder crossing of the cargo containers, and testing it in Shanghai and Beijing during the following year.
- In 2009, it cooperated with Helicomm(Zigbee) to develop street lamb and bridge monitoring system.
- In 2010, it cooperates with Olemap to develop fleet data conversion system for Environmental Protection Department.

All these aim at improving the customer operation efficiency, lowering the maintenance cost and increasing the service quality.

Main Features:
Transportation Profession
  Hua-Sing Tech is dedicated to ITS development, accumulating rich experience and technical power.
Self-developed Core Technology
  Hua-Sing Tech insists on the spirits of innovation and development, with the technologies of GP, mobile communcation system, and mobile device R&D.
Hua-Sing Tech uses the transportation industry and other core technologies to provide effective solutions for customers’operation and management.
Operation Philosophy:
Hua-Sing Tech upholds professional suggestions and enthusiastic attitude to provide service to enterprise customers. Based on the all-in-one service from product development to mass production, as well as ITS R&D, with the demands of the customer as the orientation, it provides the most professional technical solution and satisfactory service to the customer.
R&D and innovation are the persistence and pride of all staff in Hua-Sing Tech. We like learning new knowledge and devote ourselves to the R&D of the new technology, converting our originality to innovative service, finally sharing with our customers.
We Believe ∼

Only the customers’ success is the most valuable asset of Hua-Sing.

  Only the customers’ recognition is the biggest pride of Hua-Sing.
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