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Focusing on analog MCU development and product design, it provides all-in-one service from product development to mass production:
Professional fields: Circuit design, firmware program, software program.
Production service: PCB layout / sample making / mass production / QC / maintenance. It also provides service of seeking and supplying component material according to the requirements of the customer.
Quality Assessment: The PCB and assembly manufactories we cooperate with are of ISO international certification. From control of component material to the test of the products, our electronic professionals will ensure the quality of your products.
Based on professional transportation application, this team combines with the technology of Geographic Information System(GIS), Global Positioning System(GPS), Zigbee and mobile communication system(GPRS/3G/Wimax…), to develop system for demands of various transportation industries, so as to improve operation flow, lower operation cost and improve operation performance.

Central monitoring and management system for mobile image, combined with current latest network transmission of wireless 3.5G/Wimax, transmits video image, digital information (or Zigbee interface device interlinkage) and GPS data to the central monitoring system, providing precise on-site information on management.

Platform operation adopts intuitive movement, and supports network monitoring modes such as mobile Internet video initiative alerts of notice.

Exclusives management monitoring platform developed by Zigbee module, such as providing bridge real-time monitoring platform:

  1. Provide real-time monitoring alarming mechanism determination.
  2. Data receiving, conversion, storage, and database design.
  3. Mobile alarm monitoring mechanism design and short message sending mechanism.
  4. Analog alarming data in water.
Analysis of the results for water-analog monitoring.
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